• Bruhh, kissing a friend just to get a vote. Like that's mad. That girl was always a bit crazy, especially in HC 2, HC 3 and in Delirium. 

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    • Anri may have had a twisted way of expressing it, but she did have feelings for Scarlotte. What I never understood is why she refuses to vote for Scarlotte, should Scarlotte choose to abstain or try to save someone she cares about, knowing very well that she possibly has no one else. 

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    • Anri is that kind of person, who knows how to get what she wants. 

      That is what I really really dislike about her. She uses people as vehicles to get to her destination, stepping over morals and even killing her brother in HC 3 (Even if she thinks that that was a self defense). 

      In HC 2 she is even more horrible...

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    • Q84's iteration of Anri was a sweetheart and can't really be compared to the wolf in sheep's clothing seen in HC2. The problems with her killing Henry (her brother) part are: 

      1. We're told this, but not shown, which not only gives us zero reason to care but makes it less believable overall.
      2. It falls victim to the same cardinal sin that Scarlett's suicide is guilty of in HC2 in that the story introduces it and then takes it absolutely nowhere.

      To prove my point, I'll show you a snippet from C's Diary wherein Charles observes that Q84's Anri is meek and easy to push around, which is quite the opposite from the one he's used to.

      "Out of all NPCs, Q84 seems to have taken a liking to Anri Warhol. However, all she does is push her around and make her laugh at her jokes. This story's miss Warhol is quite timid and vulnerable, so I can't help but feel sorry for her. But I keep reminding myself that she's not the Anri Warhol I knew."

      Other than that I can agree that Anri isn't that nice of a human being in most instances, with the HC2 version of her being the most egregious.

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    • I like Anri in HC 3. I just hate her in Hc 2.

      In HC 3 true realm, she was good too.

      False realm conveyed a fairly contradicting message, that she killed her brother.... But, I have a question, if it was self defense, then why couldn't she smack him with a chair or something.

      Instead she

      • Stabbed him with scissors
      • Drilled a hole in his face
      • Stroke him with a knife
      • Penetrated his head with a rod
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