The Tale of Ink Princess was a story left intentionally unfinished, used in psychology tests in the pre-Oracle era by the Pythias. The intent is that the reader/audience finishes the story by coming up with their own ending to it. The written portions of the story are found in the Library in Hello Charlotte Episode 1, and several characters in the second episode finish the story with their own endings.

Hello Charlotte Edit

Text from the story in Hello Charlotte can be found in books in the second iteration of the Library.

Part 1 Edit

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land filled with ink, lived an Ink Princess.

Every morning she put on a pitch-black ink dress and combed her black hair.

After spending thousands of years dwelling in the vast ocean filled with nothing but ink, the Princess decided to end her solitude.

Thus, the Ink Princess set out on a journey.

Part 2 Edit

The Princess passed through the fields, admiring how fruitful they were, and the crops got soaked in ink.

The Princess swam in the sea, admiring how vast and clear it was, and all the fish died from pollution.

"Please leave these lands! Can't you see everything is dying?" the peasants begged the Princess.

But the Ink Princess was deaf to their prayers, as her heart had been soaked in ink a long, long time ago.

No matter where the Ink Princess went, she was always unwelcome.

Part 3 Edit

One day, she stepped into the Paper Kingdom.

Every step the Princess took stained the ground, leaving inerasable footprints. Everything she touched turned pitch-black, as if it was never white before.

In order to protect the city, at the cost of many, many lives, the citizens caught the Ink Princess and had her thrown in a paperwhite prison.

Endings Edit

Spoiler contents withheld. Reader may reveal them at their own discretion.

Frei's Ending


A pitiful ink-black princess that looked for minds alike who ended up in prison of Paper Kingdom.

But the story didn't end here. Time passed, and Paper Princess herself came to visit the prisoner.

The two became acquaintances shortly after, and Ink Princess was freed from imprisonment.

Ink Princess taught Paper Princess writing, and no paper in the city was blank anymore.

They obtained power known as "knowledge".

Paper Princess couldn't be happier.

Yet, having spent so much time with Ink Princess, she became stained in Ink Princess's pitch-black color.

Day by day, Paper Princess became more and more soaked in jet-black ink...

..until she was indistinguishable from the Ink Princess herself.


Charlotte's Ending

The Ink Princess wasn't kept in prison for long.

The Paper Princess befriended the Ink Princess, and they became dearest of friends.

Thus, the Ink Princess became the happiest person in the world.


Felix's Endings

How about the Paper Princess dying from intoxication after touching the Ink Princess?

Or Paper Princess using Ink Princess for ink production until it drains her completely.

End of spoilers.

Scrapped Ending Edit

There is a somewhat comical and abrupt "proper" conclusion to this story which ultimately never made the cut, likely due to a later decision by Etherane to have the story be unfinished. The Ink Princess simply dies from starvation, followed by a "Happy End". The CGs for these can be found in the gallery.

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