The Story of Two Gods is a story in Hello Charlotte Episode 2 written by C and kept in his Notebook. It is completely optional and can be read as often as desired. For information on C's Notebook, click here.

Text Edit

Long, long ago, long before the Universe was created, there were two.

One was born with the power to create. A Gift. The other was not.

He only watched new creations come into life each passing day.

So "Creator" and "Observer" they became. These were the names they gave each other.

Every single thing became real the very moment Creator thought of it.

So he created, accidentally, chaotically, indiscriminately, while the Observer arranged his creations into structures, giving them order.
That's how the World was born.
However, their bliss did not last long.
Even after every single atom in the world was perfectly arranged, the Gifted one continued to create, threatening all order that came into existence over billions of years.
So for the world to continue its existence, the Creator gave up his own life.
"I'll give you my power", he told his friend.
"Kill me and become the keeper of order in this world," he asked of his lifelong partner.
The Observer refused.
How could he destroy the most important existence in the world?
"Please." the Creator begged.
"Save me before I become Chaos in its pure form."
The Observer refused until the very last moment.
Until Creator completely lost his mind, consumed by the growing chaos inside him.
Unable to completely destroy him, the Observer sealed the Creator along with the part of himself that cared for him deeply.
That tiny fragment of him became this world's only God.
The sealed world became the House, and the former Creator's existence became scattered all over the place.

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