The Puppeteers are entities from the True Realm that control the Puppets (Humans) of the False Realm, directing them throughout their lives. The only known Puppeteer to have appeared as of yet is Charlotte's Seth.

Puppeteer TypesEdit

According to C in Episode 2, there are four different types of puppeteer: Adam, Eve, Seth and Lilith. Each of them have different basic characteristics from the others and are usually assigned only to the appropriate gender of puppet. However, very little beyond their brief descriptions is known about them.

  • Adam: Assigned to boys/men. The most masculine of Puppeteers.
  • Eve: Assigned to girls/women. Said to be gentle and family-oriented.
  • Seth: Ordinarily delegated to males; the Seth seen in the main episodes defies this rule for unknown reasons. Apparently the wisest of Puppeteers.
  • Lilith: Assigned to girls/women. Lilith is the strictest among their kind.


What the Puppeteers are capable of is demonstrated exclusively by Seth, as he is the only one to appear at all in the games. They are able to interact with the False Realm via some sort of computer referred to as a "Control Console". Assuming they all function identically, Puppeteers are able to:

  • Create Rewind Points as life insurance in the event that their Puppet is killed. These Rewind Points can be loaded and overwritten at will and allow the Puppeteer to explore different possibilities.
    • In actuality, these are simply save files created by the player.
  • Direct their Puppet.
  • Communicate with their Puppet.
  • In times of need, can assume control over another character in the False Realm whether or not they are aware they are being controlled.
    • Can assume control over characters who aren't Puppets, such as Aliens.


  • The existence of the four Puppeteer archetypes is questionable due to Seth being their sole representative and the absence of evidence to corroborate it.
    • Seth made no attempt to rebut anything that C stated when speaking of them, which lends some credence to its truth. 


All four types of Puppeteer are characters that appear in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman who lived in the Garden of Eden. They were tricked by a talking serpent into eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was forbidden by God. God punished this act of disobedience, known to be the original sin, by permanently banishing them from the Garden.

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel; Eve believed God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel.

Lilith is depicted as either a demon or a monster, depending on the edition of the Bible, and isn't as prominent as the others, having been mentioned merely once in some versions.



Book of Truth from HC1


Book of Truth from HC2

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