Magcat is a maggot that one day turned into a cat... Or perhaps it was a cat all along that turned into a maggot.

Hello CharlotteEdit

Magcat first appears near the start of the game as Charlotte is getting ready to get into bed. Charlotte has the option to hide, and if she does she realizes it's magcat and tells it that it scared Seth. Magcat then gets onto the bed, all falls asleep, as does Charlotte.

Hello Charlotte 2Edit

Magcat first appears right at the start of Day 1, after Charlotte feeds Magcat. Stray Magcats are also hear to be in the schools garden.

Stray Magcats appear at school on Day 6. Anri tells Charlotte they are stray magcats in the garden, and she goes to buy them food, although she is only able to afford junk food. They then go to meet the magcats.

Magcats appear again on Day 25 at school, firstly indirectly by Charlotte having the option to draw a Magcat in a drawing lesson. Later Charlotte decides to go feed the Magcats, but when she finds them in the garden, they are all dead. This causes Charlotte to become distressed and Frei appears, telling Charlotte he cannot use his power to resurrect the magcats without Charlotte organs failing. They then bury the magcats. Later then are mentioned in the next lesson by the teacher, who tells the class that the magcats died because of the xylitol in the junk food that Charlotte fed them killed them. This causes Charlotte incredible distress as she realizes she accidentally killed the magcats, and after the classes torments her, causing her to vomit ink and pass out.

Trivia Edit

  • Junk food is poisonous to Magcats, and feeding Magcats junk food can be lethal.
  • Magcats don't like the taste of insects.
  • Florence would like a pet Magcat, but she isn't allowed to have a pet.


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