Welcome to the Hello Charlotte Wiki!

Also, please note that this is a wiki for a game with potentially disturbing and/or offensive content such as:

  • Multitudes of eyes.
  • Extreme body horror.
  • Suicide and other mental-illness-related themes.
  • Gore and other violence.
  • Bullying.
  • And much more.

So if that's not okay with you, turn back now!

About Hello Charlotte:

Welcome, Puppeteer!

Hello Charlotte is an RPG Maker game series made by etherane, an artist and game developer from Estonia. It's about a girl named Charlotte Wiltshire and her life in The House, with her friends, and at school! There are 5 titles, but only 3 of them make up the main storyline. The games are listed in order of chronology, spin-offs included:

  1. Hello Charlotte Episode 1: Junk Food, Gods, and Teddy Bears
  2. Hello Charlotte: Delirium (not canon)
  3. Hello Charlotte Episode 2: Requiem Aeternam Deo
  4. Hello Charlotte Episode 3: Childhood's End
  5. Hello Charlotte: Heaven's Gate (not canon)

Episode 1, Delirium, and Heaven's Gate are available on the official page, and are free to enjoy! Episodes 2 and 3 were also released on Steam, and are both $2.99 USD.

Follow Charlotte as she feeds her Magcat, explores the House with Felix Honikker, and attends class with Anri Warhol and C in a fun, bizarre and disturbing adventure that will leave you unsettled. Don't forget to socialize with the other Students!

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Surreal Channel

The TV World, sometimes referred to as "Delphi", is the world created by The Oracle, and is the primary setting of Hello Charlotte Episode 1. It is home to a race of powerful beings known as Pythias....


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