Hello Charlotte Episode Three: Childhood's End is the third and final game in the main Hello Charlotte storyline. It picks up from the White End of its predecessor, Hello Charlotte Episode 2. Episode 3 consists of two main arcs:

  • Episode 0 - And So It Goes - The story of Charlotte Wiltshire (Q84), which Umbrella Man tampers with in order to educate his "audience" on the truths of the Hello Charlotte universe. Officially acknowledged as the prologue to the overarching HC storyline.
  • Episode 3 - Childhood's End - Technically the main story of the game, which can only be experienced after completing Episode 0 and then starting a New Game on the title screen.


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Plot Summary

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In a similar fashion to HC3's predecessor, there is a fork where the Puppeteer's choice determines the game's endings. Instead of three options, two are presented here, which could lead to either the Happy Ending or the True (and canon) ending. Though not as prominent in Episode 3 compared to the first two, there are a handful of alternative endings that can be met if certain conditions are satisfied.

Main Endings

Spoiler contents withheld. Reader may reveal them at their own discretion.

Happy End ("Childhood's End")

The Ending that occurs if The Puppeteer chooses to change the channel instead of saving his original Charlotte. Umbrella Man "Seth" will express disappointment in this decision, but assures them that he'll be waiting for them to reload the game to fulfill their agreement. He then leaves, the TV set housing Scarlett's soul data remaining unharmed. Charles and Q84 then change the channel to find Charlotte blissfully indulging on chips, seemingly having no story at all. In a fit of frustration, Q84 starts to change the channel repeatedly — each channel showing her dying an unseemly death in different ways — until Charles stops her.

After Charles vents about his woes and the sorry state of The House, the two of them later agree to return to 1F, with Q84 suggesting that they turn the White Society members into vessels for Scarlett. They then go on to consider whether or not Scarlett really wants to be saved, but Q84 expresses apathy toward this and insists, referring to Charles as "Father". The two leave, and the player is once again shown the television set within the now-empty room before the credits roll.

After the credits, Q84 puts on a final act for the White Society and has the audience put on helmets in order to "ascend", delivering on her promise to turn them all into Pythias of a kind for Scarlett. The screen fades to white, and one more conversation between Frei and Charlotte/Scarlett with distorted face portraits plays out wherein Frei — seemingly aware of what Q84 is doing — tells Charlotte that it's time to go stargazing, to which she rebuts by calling out Umbrella Man's lies. She nevertheless goes along with it happily, and the game ends on an eerie note as the screen fades slowly to red, with the ending name displaying afterward:

HAPPY E&%NdD: Chihdj78UJlhood's E8&nd

True End ("Goodbye, Charlotte")

The ending that occurs if the Puppeteer decides to see the deal he made with Umbrella Man in the previous episode through ("Save her" option) to the end. Umbrella Man will present the party with the Hammer that is to be used to destroy the TV set, and Q84 will volunteer to do the deed. After demanding that Charles leaves the room, Q84 faces what's left of Scarlett Eyler/Charlotte Wiltshire as she stares back at her, almost as if she is aware of what's about to happen.

On Boot-up

Attempting to start a new game after completing either main ending results in the display of a non-interactive screen of children with yellow eyes, blown wide open, and mouths agape. The background music is of choral music interspersed with occasional screams. Though unconfirmed, it can be conjectured that these may be the WSoc members tapped to collectively contain Charlotte/Scarlett's ego in the Happy Ending.

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Other Endings

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