Hello Charlotte Episode 2 is the second title in the Hello Charlotte main series, taking place roughly three years after Episode 1.


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Day One

Hello Charlotte 2 begins with Charlotte recounting how for the last few years she’s lived with The Oracle, or rather existed around them while they slept, but now the Oracle is waking up. Charlotte awakens and finds herself coughing up some dark fluid that isn’t blood. She interacts with everyone in the house, and is especially concerned over Felix, who has tried to distance himself from her, but still seems very concerned about her. After talking to everyone, Charlotte leaves for school.

On the way to school she comes across a boy being beat up in the alley, and uses some pepper spray given to her by Florence to shoo his bullies away. Charlotte leads the boy to school and takes him to the infirmary. A fetch quest ensues before Charlotte arrives to class, where she meets up with her friend Anri, and is re-introduced to the boy from before, named C, who claims to be the god of this world. Very few others from Charlotte seem to take him seriously. During lunch, Charlotte goes to the canteen to get food for herself and Anri, and stops by to check on C and make sure he’s doing okay. As she begins to talk with him, someone notices a girl about to jump from the roof. By the time people realize who she is and what’s happening, she’s jumped and is dead. This is Scarlett Eyler. Charlotte goes home and interacts with her housemates before going to sleep.

While she sleeps, she meets the Oracle, who informs her that the two can only meet when Charlotte goes to sleep, and who generally has a lack of understanding of people in general. Umbrella Man comes in the night and talk to Charlotte, telling her she shouldn’t have saved C and that she and him are doomed.

Day Two

Charlotte wakes the next morning late for school and hurries to meet Anri, who is upset that Charlotte left her alone at lunch the previous day. Charlotte apologizes, both go to class. In the middle of class, Charlotte has a coughing fit and is excused to the bathroom, where she meets C, who has been bullied yet again. The two share a moment of feeling bad before the bell rings and Charlotte returns to class to get her things, only to find them missing. Both Charlotte and Anri leave to go find her things and when they do, they find them tossed around the garden, ruined. Charlotte gets upset and goes home, Anri gets angry and goes to tell a teacher.

When Charlotte returns home, Felix meets her at the door and, worried, takes her to see Doctor Huxley, who tells her she’s got an incurable disease but she should be okay. Charlotte goes to bed afterwards, meeting the Oracle in the new “mind library” they’ve created. They point Charlotte to some memories of meeting Aiden, Bennett, and Huxley, and then Charlotte wakes up.

Day Six

Charlotte meets Bennett in the bathroom shortly after waking up and interacts with him briefly before washing her face and getting ready for school. She stops by Felix’s room to ask for some gloves before leaving, and meets up with Anri at school. She proposes feeding the Magcats before class so the two do, and Charlotte leaves Anri to go give C the gloves before class. She meets C in the library and gives him the gloves and also offers to teach him more about this world. When she finally heads to class, she winds up passing out in the locker room and going on a mind adventure with the Oracle. She wakes up when C opens the locker room after classes are over, so she goes home.

At home, she talks with her housemates, and learns more about them, and then goes to bed. Umbrella Man appears and talks to Charlotte about the collapse of the Pythia, then the Oracle talks with her about The Tale Of Ink Princess story they told earlier.

Day 25

Charlotte goes to class and draws, lunch is called and she goes to the rooftop to eat lunch and meets C. The two eat and talk together, and before class starts Charlotte goes to see the Magcats. She finds them dead. When she returns to class, the teacher talks about the death of the Magcats, and everyone blames Charlotte, calling her names and laughing at her. She cries and coughs until she blacks out.

When she wakes its in the infirmary and C is with her. He tells her she found a way out and that she should come with him, so she does. They leave the House and wander through a village of bugs, and then follow a path lined with holes filled with flesh, revealed to be students determined “defective” by the trial. The two reach the end of the path, and C tells Charlotte that his way out is to take some pills and ascend to his heavenly domain. He wants Charlotte to come with him, but she’s scared and leaves it up to the player. [End H] 

Charlotte refuses, being confronted by the Oracle about being scared to die while simultaneously wishing to die. C doesn’t understand and both stand there, confused and upset, until someone comes to take them back into the House. They’re taken to the principal’s office, where C covers for Charlotte, and, as punishment, gets all his socialization points removed and is to remain in his room until the Trial. After leaving the office, Charlotte expresses concern for C--no points means he won’t live through the trial--but he says its okay and asks her not to vote for him in the trial. 

When Charlotte arrives home she talks to Felix, both express concern over Charlotte’s worsening condition. Felix mentions perhaps she should be back on her medication, Charlotte refuses and says if she takes it again everyone would go away. Umbrella Man takes control of Felix and threatens his life as a joke before checking in on Charlotte, and then promptly leaving. Charlotte leaves shortly afterwards and goes to the kitchen to get some tea before bed. The Oracle tells Charlotte they’ve been cleaning out her mind library to help lift the fog Charlotte experiences. 

Day 31

Charlotte goes to school and finds her classmates not being as kind as they had before. Someone has written “C and Charlotte held hands” on the board and no one seems to like that. Charlotte goes up to the rooftop for lunch with Anri, where the two talk about the upcoming trial. When Charlotte returns to class, she has a note on her desk from C asking to meet her on the roof after school, so she goes, and is met by a group of bullies who cut her hair and knock her out. She wakes in the infirmary where Umbrella Man has possessed a nurse and informs her that her happy social life she perceived may not be as accurate as it seems. Charlotte takes a pair of scissors and goes home.

In the bathroom, Charlotte tries to fix her hair but is overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Before anything bad can happen, Aiden stops her and cuts her hair for her. Charlotte goes to visit Huxley about the ink, but he finds nothing and tells her it must be a problem her mind is causing and thus, he can’t help. Charlotte decides to go to bed. The Oracle has reconstructed the mind library and reads two memories about Charlotte receiving a yellow ribbon one day, and the first day she wore a dress. She then falls asleep.

Day 32

Charlotte wakes in a room that isn’t hers, a weird puzzle ensues, and then she goes to school, where the trial is taking place. Charlotte stands by Anri and the two cast their votes. [ENDS B, G, AND W]

After the last ending, Umbrella Man appears and offers the player a choice, give up being Seth and save Charlotte, or continue being Seth and leave her. This ends Hello Charlotte Episode 2.

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Bad Ends

  • Bad End: No Entry
  • Bad End: Do not put soap in the omnicubes
  • Bad End: Do Not Disturb
  • Bad End: Were sorry your IQ is too low for the next test
  • Bad End: Killing Mirror

Other Ends

Spoiler contents withheld. Reader may reveal them at their own discretion.
  • Black End: Everlasting Oblivion

Charlotte chooses to vote for C, Anri gets very angry at her and its implied that she never believed Charlotte’s perception of the world and bullied her to try to get her to see things for how they really were. Charlotte is chosen, as no one voted for her, and as she is walked to the smile room, Anri cries. C also is upset, but Charlotte tells him she glad she could save him.

In the smile room, the Oracle stays by her side as they drain her of her soul, and the two embrace as they slowly fade from existence. Charlotte calls to mind a memory of when she told Felix she made a new ending for the Ink and Paper Princess story where the Ink Princess gets to be happy. With that, the two die.

  • Happy End: Ignorant Bliss

When presented with the choice to join C by taking the pills, Charlotte accepts. C admits he was scared, but he feels ready now. The two abandon their bodies and ascend to gods together.

  • Grey End: Eternal Rest for God

Charlotte chooses to vote for Anri, fulfilling her promises to both Anri and C. When C is chosen as defective, everyone laughs and calls him names, but Charlotte feels as though this is her fault. She breaks away from Anri and runs into the smile room to try to save C, but its too late. In her sadness, she merges with the Oracle and obtains the power to consume the whole world, eating everything in sight until its all consumed inside her, something she feels will bring everyone peace. Umbrella Man shows up and asks Charlotte what she will do now, Charlotte responds with an offer of employment for Umbrella Man so he can watch over this world inside her. He responds he will, but only if he can erase her name. She accepts. He also gives Charlotte a copy of C’s soul data, which she can release in order to wake him and keep him at her side, something she accepts and goes through with. Then, she rests.

  • White End: Stargazer’s Journey

Charlotte chooses no one, not wanting anyone to be hurt by her decision. Both she and C are chosen as defective, and as she leaves, Charlotte notices Anri crying. Charlotte and C are strapped down to operating tables, and C confesses to not being a god, just a worthless person. Charlotte tells him she thinks he’s wonderful, then retreats into her mind to ask the Oracle to grant her wish of saving everyone. Charlotte absorbs the Oracle and becomes a god, consuming everyone but Umbrella Man, who she asks to kill her so she won’t hurt anyone anymore. Instead, he offers to teach her how to control her powers, and she accepts.

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