You're hidden behind the lines.
I reach out, deafened by silence.
As we mourn the Grasshopper's passing,
Heaven's gate opens.

Hello Charlotte: Heaven's Gate is a new spin-off project for the Hello Charlotte series described as a "quiet kinetic novel". It follows alternative versions of the True Realm characters Charles, Henrietta, and Vincent.

The Steam version came with an additional story, Diary, which gives information about the True Realm version of HC3's Anri.


  • Length: Est. 30-40 mins
  • Fully illustrated coming-of-age story
  • Parallel universe setting
  • Steam version will contain an additional story
  • version will be compatible with Win, Mac, Android, and iOS.



Pre-Release Images

Extra Story

The additional story promised to come alongside the Steam release can be found at: Heaven's Gate/Diary.

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