A short spinoff game taking place between the first two Hello Charlotte games in an alternate universe.


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This plot summary also serves as a walk-through of sorts.

Spoiler contents withheld. Reader may reveal them at their own discretion.


Delirium begins with a “Charlotte” telling the player that Seth and other puppeteers do not exist in this alternate universe. She also informs you that the Charlotte in this game still talks to herself in spite of this.

The player gains control of Charlotte after a brief scene in her brightly-decorated room in which two people named August and November contemplate replacing her organs with junk food. A phone rings and they retreat without doing anything, and Charlotte wakes up claiming to be “absolutely fine”. From there, she talks with her Magcat and promises to feed it. If you explore the room, you find out Charlotte like bunnies and the color yellow, grows bacteria in her dresser, and that the Omnicubes are silent. From here, you go to the kitchen and feed the magcat cockroaches.

An alarm goes off, and the screen flashes green, indicating the Obligatory TV Session. The TV room, when explored, is rife with references to Hello Charlotte Episode 1 such as having fun with Frey and guilt over Frei. Trying the remote reveals it doesn’t work, and you hear footsteps.

Finding the Intruder:

The game takes you to the hallway, wherein the left door takes you to a black room with many doors. Behind the red door is the “Redrum”. Investigating it reveals cabinets of supplies, a cage of drugged Pythias, and a key to the Storage room. Investigating the Pythias does result in Huxley murdering Charlotte, though.

In the storage room is a floor of green slime with floating bits of… Something. The walls are lined with dressers, but investigating all of them is a bad idea with the room being full of gas. The dresser at the top of the room gives you a Locker Key.

Using the locker key on the dressers in the bottom right room gives you a Hazmat suit that allows you through the room to the right of the Redrum in into the library past the purple door there without being attacked by passive-aggressive people in hazmats. In the library you find Anri, who is said to be the happiest girl alive since Charlotte killed her brother. Charlotte reveals that they are girlfriends, and they plan together to catch the intruder once they get a syringe from the Incinerator Room.

The intruder is Scarlett Eyler, and she is in the TV room. Charlotte drugs her, and she and Anri carry her down to the basement where they watch Felix and Bennett torture her by experimenting on her body. Until they both get bored. Charlotte “eats” Scarlett to take them both to another universe. This happens to be a series of rooms with red liquid on the floors where everything is binary. Charlotte is separated from Anri.

Finding Anri:

In looking for Anri, you meet OSIRIS, an AI who looks down on other species. It strikes up a deal with Charlotte: it’ll help her find Anri and do her homework if she helps it bring down the Reign.

From there, Charlotte takes OSIRIS to the Core. It tells her before leaving the room they meet in that to leave the area, they have to burn meat. In the corridors, it’s now dark, and creatures dart around in the red liquid. OSIRIS tells Charlotte to collect them. Catching up to them kills them and adds dead bodies to your inventory. Taking them to the hole in the floor where you entered the area opens the double doors there.

Here, the colors are inverted. The walls are now red, and the floor is black. Going to the left room lets OSIRIS unlock a door via a wall panel. The right room door triggers a chase scene. Going back to the left room opens the central door via the panel, and the monster from before is gone. The central door takes you to another room with an elevator at the top. There is also another chase scene. The elevator’s doors won’t open readily, but a second try a couple seconds later opens them.

The elevator takes you to a meaty cave area while OSIRIS gives you some exposition on what used to be the Land of Meat and Machinery. He explains that the organic matter started dying one day, and when experiments to save it failed, broken minds of the failed experiments became the Reign. The top left room has a machine that needs a key, which is in the top right room. Getting it means Charlotte loses and regrows her hand, though. The machine also requires metal samples from the center of the room. Once that’s done, it makes you a crowbar to cut through the meat in the way of exiting the area.

Beyond is a small room with tanks of humanoid creatures. OSIRIS asks you to break them open and bring the bodies and junk metal back to the machine. You then make OSIRIS into an android. Beyond the tank room is another large area with a sticky red floor and a chase sequence. Reaching the top left part brings you to another elevator.

Durring this elevator ride, OSIRIS explains his plans to load himself into the Reign and self-destruct. The elevator takes you to the core, where Anri is hooked up to it. The core says that removing her will gut her, and explains that she was dying, so it assimilated her to preserve her. It says that Anri is the key to them recreating organic life successfully, and will use her as the mother of all the new life in that realm. Charlotte allowing it to monologue allows OSIRIS to carry out his plans. Charlotte cuts Anri down, and OSIRIS initiates the self destruction.


Charlotte eats the World of Meat and Machinery, dubbing it a failure. She uses the energy from this to restore Anri once they return to the House. OSIRIS is brought along with to make good on his promise to do her homework.

End of spoilers.


Bad End:

No one escapes from the Redrum.

Huxley murders Charlotte for not keeping a promise after she investigates the cage of drugged Pythias.

You’re not one of us.

Passive-aggressive hazmat workers kill Charlotte upon entering the room with the purple door for not looking like them.

Main End.

Spoiler contents withheld. Reader may reveal them at their own discretion.

You find Anri, OSIRIS handles the Reign, Charlotte eats the World of Meat and Machinery and heals Anri. Charlotte, Anri, and OSIRIS go back to the House.

End of spoilers.



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