Florence is one of Huxley's workers who appears in Hello Charlotte Episode 2 and Hello Charlotte Episode 3.


Florence is a generally cheerful and upbeat worker, happily accompanying Scarlett Eyler at Felix's request. She also appears to have a rather playful side, giving Charlotte one of Bennett's memory cubes as a sort of blackmail.

Like Bennett, it is shown that Florence has rather severe PTSD leftover from her past on Überia. However, she speaks openly about it to Scarlett, who notes that she appears rather calm when she describes it, even cracking a joke or two when describing her experience having all of her limbs removed.


Florence used to live in the bio-prosthetics division of Überia’s Research Faculties' Laboratory of Human Resources. Similar to Bennett, she was subject to horrifying experiments under the Overmen on Überia, where her limbs were constantly being replaced with various alien appendages. However, she also remarks that occasionally she was reduced to a "talking torso" whenever her limbs were removed.

It is unknown exactly how she ended up working for Huxley, but it seems she is content with her job regardless. Huxley was also the one who replaced her old limbs with her current ones.

Role in Plot

Hello Charlotte Episode 2

When we first meet Florence, she is in the Morgue Room, and asks Charlotte to hold some "useless junk" for her, as she is worried that she stole too many lightbulbs and that Huxley might start supecting her. Charlotte obliges. As a result, Charlotte receives pepper spray.

Later on in the game, Florence gives one of Bennett's memory cubes to Charlotte, which she extracted from his brain while he was asleep. This action allows both Charlotte and the player to learn about both Bennett's past and life on Überia.

Hello Charlotte Episode 3

Florence attends Q84's deathday party, having believed Bennett when he claimed that Q84 was finally dead. When Q84 arrives, she stops Bennett from telling Q84 the real reason for the party, instead claiming it's a surprise party, and pours Q84 a drink when she asks for one. Florence then asks Bennett who's corpse is in the coffin.

Florence is next seen alongside Bennett, where the two have sedated Q84 and plan to experiment on her. After Q84 attempts to escape, Florence searches for her along with Huxley, Felix, and her fellow workers.

Later on in the game, Florence helps search for Charlotte Wiltshire on Felix's by searching for power anomalies. She asks Scarlett if she'll die soon because she accepted the Oracle, causing Felix to chide her for lacking tact. She sends Felix the information she collected, then wishes him and Scarlett a safe trip.

After Scarlett's trip to 4F, Florence serves as an escort and companion to Scarlett Eyler, helping her on her quest to find Charlotte Wiltshire. She takes her to the Laboratories on 6F, where she assists her through various puzzles while simultaneously explaining to Scarlett about she and the other workers' past on Überia. On the final puzzle, she drinks poison, but eventually emerges at the end just fine. The two then encounter Charlotte Unit 091 where Florence explains the unit's situation, much to Scarlett's horror. Florence tells Scarlett about her past on Überia. The two then depart and return to Felix's Laboratory on 1F.

Heaven's Gate

Florence is mentioned in Interlude 5 by Bennett, as not holding back on soap so she can work through the night to try and save Felix.


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  • Florence's specialty is technology, but she also excels at chemistry and physics.
  • She dyes her hair frequently.[3]
  • In Episode 1, Florence tells Charlotte that adding Dark Matter to the dough improves the taste of chocolate cake by 15%.
  • Florence would like a pet Magcat, but she isn't allowed to have a pet.
  • She tells Scarlett that she wasn't used for breeding on Überia, but Lecter, a co-worker of hers was, and he was someone that Scarlett didn't want to know.
  • Florence designed and built Robot Huxley who appears in Episode 3.
  • All of the alien workers, including Florence, consume soap as a coping mechanism for their traumatic experiences, much like a drug. In talking to Scarlett, Florence states that "soap was the best thing that ever happened to us".
  • Florence may have a bit of a sadistic or adventurous side, as when she is helping Scarlett through the puzzle chamber she remarks that "there's no thrill to it if you can't get diced into cubes".
  • Florence's current bionic limbs are human shaped, much stronger than human limbs and are immume to the effects of heat and cold.[4]
  • In a university AU, Florence would major in Engineering.[5]
    • Felix, Bennett, Florence, Baldwin and Goodwin would all share a dorm, as they are all tech/bio majors, and would also party the most.[5]
  • Florence likes re-colouring her hair and collecting blackmail material on the other tenants of the House.[6]
  • Florence cuts the hair of the other workers.[6]


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