C's Diary is an item that appears at the beginning of the 2nd half of Hello Charlotte Episode 3, held in the inventory. When used, it presents the option for the player to read optional background information about Q84.

Diary EntriesEdit

[Log 1-245:DATA DELETED]

[Log 246]

"As a rule, all the Charlottes have a parasite in their brains. Unit Q84 is a special case.

It's safe to assume that she might be a defective
Unit, as there's no traces of the parasite in her brain.

As a result, she isn't acting according to the program.

So far the defective Units have had different
deviations, varying from having hermaphrodite
bodies to being physically or mentally disabled.

I am yet to confirm if Q84 has any of the
disabilities common to most of the defective Units."

[Log 247]

"One of the common themes in the stories
is that all Charlottes are perpetually
abused without fighting back.

I presume it's a way to create an emotional
connection to the character.

As soon as Unit Q84 learned about it,
she immediately took measures to fight back.

She stole the samples of White Flu
from the workers' laboratories and deliberately
infected all the students who posed a threat to her.

Moreover, she founded the White Society,
which exists for the sole purpose of lowering
the population of the School.

She's planing to use mob mentality
as a psychological weapon against
the students themselves."

[Log 248]

Ever since Q84 learned that she cannot die
until her story ends, her mind's state has become
more unstable.

Whenever she gets badly hurt, she immediately
ends her own life without a second thought.

I think it may be not wrong to assume that
she's afraid of dealing with the long-term
consequences of injury."

[Log 249]

"Out of all NPCs, Q84 seems to have taken a liking
to Anri Warhol.

However, all she does is push her around
and make her laugh at her jokes.

This story's miss Warhol is quite timid
and vulnerable, so I can't help but feel sorry
for her.

But I keep reminding myself that she's not
the Anri Warhol I knew."

[Log 250]

"As much as I hate to admit it,
I don't think Q84 will last for long.

Her obsession with the color white is almost religious,
which is quite worrying.

Moreover, Q84 doesn't seem to have forged
meaningful relationships with any of the tenants.

However, she does experience loneliness,
and subconsciously longs for attention.

I will be there for her."

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