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C, also known as Vincent Wordsworth, is a recurring character[3] in the Hello Charlotte series and a main character in Hello Charlotte Episode 2. In Hello Charlotte Episode 3, it is revealed that C was actually an empty Vincent vessel being controlled by Charles.

Personality Edit

In Hello Charlotte, C is gentle and considerate to Charlotte, even while suggesting that he use her body for murder. While using it, he comments on its fragility, a statement he would repeat in Hello Charlotte 2. Not much else is known about him at this point, as he only appears in one scene.

In Hello Charlotte 2, C is convinced that he is the God of the world Hello Charlotte takes place in, and spends the duration of the game attempting to get rid of his body and "return to his heavenly domain" by committing suicide. His attempts are usually thwarted by his own fear, as he seems to be shaky in his beliefs even though he acts on them, even going so far as to call himself a "false god" to Charlotte in White End. Though the hesitance to commit suicide implies that this statement is due to a lack of belief, it could also be a result of the stress and bullying by his classmates leading him to doubt himself.

C holds a cynical view toward the rest of the world, believing it to be contaminated and bleak. As a result of this "contamination" and his own mysophobia, he develops obsessive-compulsive tendencies (being seen at one point washing his hands and face over and over), to the point of being unable to accept Charlotte's Book of Truth.

He also seems to be self-depreciating and passive, blaming himself for the bullying Charlotte incurs by protecting him at the beginning of the game and being surprised and insisting she didn't have to when she's willing to accommodate his inability to touch things. His passivity is shown when, despite sticking to his statement that his bullies are "contaminated", he refuses to fight them back, and will often shake off bullying rather than try to retaliate.

He enjoys reading and writing, and the player has the option to read a notebook in which he's written a story.

He seems to know suspiciously more than he should about Puppeteers and the world beyond Hello Charlotte, but it's unclear how much of this is actual knowledge and how much is simply going along with Charlotte's beliefs.

Role in plot Edit

Hello Charlotte Edit


C during a cameo talking to Charlotte.

C appears in Hello Charlotte as an Executioner. If Charlotte is chosen to stay behind in the Maze, C comes up to her and informs her of the eventual death of her and Felix, adding that there is a way to prevent it. She allows him to use her body, and like Umbrella Man his presence turns her eyes yellow. After commenting on how "fragile" her body is, he searches her stuff and uses the scissors he finds to kill Freya. He then hands it back off to her and is not seen again throughout Hello Charlotte.

Hello Charlotte 2 Edit

C is first seen in an alleyway on the way to school on Day 1, getting beaten up by a group of bullies. Charlotte intervenes, however, and it is implied that if she didn't, they would have beaten him to death. She takes him to the infirmary, where he is bandaged up before class. After class, Charlotte talks to him in the canteen, and while he's explaining his godly status and plans for "when [he] gets back to [his] heavenly domain", he's interrupted by Scarlett jumping off the roof, causing Charlotte to go home early.

On Day 2, C is seen when Charlotte runs to the bathroom, attempting to scrub off the "contamination" from having his face pushed into worm soup. After he comments on Charlotte's well-being, she leaves, and he isn't seen again that day.

On Day 6, Charlotte cuts off Anri in order to find C and give him some gloves she took from Felix. When she finds him, he explains that he's been gathering information on the world in order to try to arrange his memories, but has found nothing useful. Charlotte advises him to look elsewhere and offers her Book of Truth, but C has to decline it as it's contaminated. Instead, she offers to tell him the contents of it, and in return he gives her his notebook. Charlotte leaves to change, but after she gets locked in the changing room, C finds her and explains that all the doors open for him. He says he needs to do something in the changing room, so Charlotte leaves and C isn't seen again that day.

On Day 25, C is absent from class before lunch, but is found on the rooftop during lunch, beaten up again as a result of refusal to take the trash out. He mentions wanting to be rid of his body, but having difficulty due to surveillance in school and troubles at home. Charlotte takes the opportunity to tell him everything she knows, and in exchange C shares a memory about a life he had in a place called Aether, and about the body he had, which had the "gift" of causing cell apoptosis in anything he touched, and caused his mother's death. After sharing their respective stories, C leaves to do more research.

That day, C attends class and bears witness to Charlotte passing out. He carries her to the infirmary and upon her awakening, tells her he "found a way out" and invites her to come to the Outside World with him via -1F (???F).

In the Outside World, C and Charlotte look for a place to stay, and are first greeted with a marketplace with insects as shopkeepers, the offers of which C declines on their behalves. Next, they encounter a maze, and C consoles Charlotte as it triggers her memories of the events of the first game. After they get moving again, C brings up the topic of Seth in order to mention that there are four types of Puppeteers, specifically naming them as Adam, Eve, Seth, and Lilith, and that they are usually assigned to someone of the same gender (making Seth's assignment to Charlotte an anomaly). Afterward, they enter an area with two statues, one of which is "Memorials for Anonymous Leaders, the True Rulers of the World", and the other being soul offerings.

The final place in the Outside World is the "Forest of the Defective", and in it C explains to Charlotte that formatting a soul cube causes the soul to become corrupted and the person to die. Upon realizing that there's no safe place for them to stay, the two have an argument about going back in which C talks about his cynical view of the world and in turn his plan to "go back" by committing suicide through overdose, and he invites Charlotte to join him.

Charlottes dream

Happy End.

Accepting him will lead to both of them taking the pills, becoming "cruel gods with little regard for earthly matters" and earning the player "HAPPY END". Denying him, however, will reveal that he was trying to convince Charlotte to join him in order to overcome his own fears, and he will break down in a panic attack when Charlotte says she wants him to live, becoming unresponsive until guards come to take the two back to school.

When the Principal confronts them, C claims it was his decision to leave and that he forced Charlotte along for a breath of fresh air. His social points are stripped away, and being aware that this means he would get no votes in the Trial, he asks Charlotte not to vote for him as well, intending to use it as a last-ditch suicide method, and they part ways for the night.

On Day 31, C is absent again, but during lunch Charlotte and Anri discuss his escapade with Charlotte, and Anri mistakenly assumes that he had been trying to use Charlotte for her body. Charlotte also finds a forged note claiming to be from C (but actually from the bullies) on her desk.


C in Grey End.

In Grey End, C is the only person chosen during the Trial. The class calls him a "loser god" as he proceeds to the Smile Room, and after seeing his real appearance for the first time, Charlotte chases after him; her futile attempt to save him is what triggers her breakdown and subsequent consumption of the world. Once it's all done, she cries over his body until Umbrella Man gives her a copy of his soul data, at which point she releases him, allowing his soul to move on and become a Stargazer.

In Black End, C meekly apologizes for not voting for Charlotte as she walks to the Smile Room, and she reminisces over knowing him. After her death, C is mentioned to cry over her "mere disposable vessel".

In White End, both C and Charlotte are chosen by the Trial, and the class laughs at them again. Once in the Smile Room, C says that he "lied" to Charlotte about his knowledge, and calls himself a "false god". Charlotte quickly retaliates by saying he's wonderful, and he dies with a smile. Charlotte specifically cites C as one of the things she wants to save in the resulting conversation with The Oracle.

Delirium Edit

C is listed in the Book of Friends as "god of this world", who Charlotte calls "cruel god". Otherwise he is absent from Delirium.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite seeming not to appear in Hello Charlotte, inspection of the game files has revealed that he appears briefly as an Executioner.
  • His character has been in existence as far back as Etherane's first posted concept art, where he is shown wearing Puppeteer-like clothing and labelled "Vincent (God)"[4].
  • Charlotte is the only person who sees him with white hair and yellow eyes - to everyone else, he has brown hair and grey eyes.
    • An exception to this, however, may be Umbrella Man, who comments on C's hair being grey.
  • C is the only character in the game with an outline and eyes other than black (blue and yellow, respectively) on his walksprite. The reason behind this is unknown.

Gallery Edit

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Battle Stats Edit

Stat C
HP 15
Attack 20
Defense 16
Skill Attack 10
Skill Defense 10
Agility 20
Luck 15
Hit Rate 95%
Evasion 5%
Skills Smile

References Edit

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