Bennett is a supporting character in the Hello Charlotte series, and is one of Huxley's workers and a friend of Felix Honikker.


When he was younger, Bennett was implied to be very depressed as a result of the tests run on him. As a result, he was incredibly motivated to get a promotion away from it, even to the extent of collecting "motivation points" by reporting people, knowing they wouldn't come back. When he had gotten his promotion, his depressing state only worsened and he appears to have given up on trying to escape the constant testing. When he met Huxley, he was blunt and sarcastic, calling the latter a "madman" for his plans and saying he would rather be dead than go with him.

Later, in his first meeting with Charlotte, he is callous with her to the point of her describing him as violent, and makes threats like murder casually. Despite his overall lack of empathy, he did apologize to Charlotte for upsetting her by reminding her of her father.

While living in the house, Bennett took up an interest in watching television, as it allowed him to understand a story through spoken language, rather than reading, which he was poor at. He enjoyed analyzing the plot and characters of his television shows, and would often ramble to Charlotte about them.

In Hello Charlotte, Bennett is significantly less moody and depressed, and is quite cheerful and erratic. He spends his time watching (and having complicated feelings over) soap operas and still has a mischievous nature, as he tells Charlotte about "something interesting" behind a locked door when she asks about it.

He seems to be very proficient in science and especially chemistry, as evidenced by his status as one of Huxley's workers and by the books (including the Science Fiction Almanac and advanced chemistry books) on his shelf.

In Hello Charlotte 2, his cheery nature shines through from his first greeting to Charlotte. He hasn't dropped his skill of forcing smiles, and tends to make jokes, even in serious situations, such as about Charlotte's ink coughing. Despite this, he's prone to sarcasm and complaining[4]. He seems to be socially awkward, and to rely on bringing up his own interests to try and spark conversation[5].

He is jumpy, and will often have extreme reactions to being suddenly approached from behind, ranging from screaming to cutting Charlotte in half based on whether he's currently holding a chainsaw. He's also shown to be forgetful and careless, and to leave acid in strange places.

In Delirium, his personality remains cheerful, and he is openly morbid and sadistic when thinking of things to do to Scarlett Eyler. Charlotte's Book of Friends entry on him states, "he excels at cutting bodies in half. he taught me how to gouge out eyes with a spoon".


Bennett was born as a B-type human in Überia’s Research Faculties' Laboratory of Human Resources[4] on an alien planet, where humans had significantly different roles in society from overmen of the same planet. He was initially used as a test subject for cosmetics, but after collecting a significant amount of Motivation Points, was promoted to medicine testing. After being purposely infected with illnesses and used to research treatment, he was infected with Eye Plague, for which the cure was unknown at the time, and scheduled for disposal.

Just before his disposal came, Huxley signed for his ownership and told him he was going to be cured of his Eye Plague. From then on, they worked together, and Bennett lived with Huxley, who taught him to read and write, kept him in good physical form, and spent a disproportionate amount of time with him.

When Huxley revealed his cure for Eye Plague, he declared Bennett dead to the Scientist Society and left with him, explaining that his research had really been about whether humans and overmen were different and that he had been using Eye Plague as a cover for other projects.

The two searched around for shelter, but were repeatedly rejected until they ended up forcing their way into the House and staying there with Charlotte. From then on they conducted their experimentation in the House.

While living there, Bennett picked up the hobby of watching television, and in addition to his work would binge-watch soap operas and anime.

His Eye Plague, though not completely gone, gets progressively better up until Hello Charlotte 2, when he notes that although there still is some pain from it, it doesn't hinder his sleep as it used to.

Role in Plot


Bennett arrived at the House with Huxley when Charlotte was eight. He threatened her until she let them stay with her, and fell asleep in her bathroom after eating all of her soap. From then on, he and Huxley lived in the House.

Some time later, he and Charlotte were assigned to dig up corpses from a graveyard. While doing so, he rambled about the TV shows he watched, doing plot and character analysis. Charlotte treasured the memory of that day as a rare bonding experience.

Later, when Charlotte first met Aiden, he and Florence spoke to Charlotte about what to do with Aiden. He had recently found a new bright yellow Hazmat suit and was no longer called B12, which made him a lot happier.

Hello Charlotte

Bennett informs Charlotte that "something interesting" might be behind the locked door at night, which hints to the player to look for Felix there. He then goes to the TV room to watch soap operas and spends the rest of the game there.

Hello Charlotte 2

Bennett is first seen on Day 1, when he greets Charlotte, who informs him that there's acid in her bathtub. In surprise, he promptly flees to clean it up. After school, he can be found asleep in the TV room with Magcat on his lap.

On Day 2, Bennett attempts to cook, resulting in the kitchen door being locked to try and contain his cooking, which was destroying everything.

In the bathroom on Day 6, Bennett can be found at the sink with his mask off. Initially he's startled by Charlotte, but upon her noting that he's not wearing the mask he explains that it's easier and safer to wear it, and that his internal organs no longer have eyes on them, so he's not too troubled to sleep anymore. When Charlotte mentions coughing up ink, he jokes that they should save it and sell it in ballpoint pens, then says he has business in the VIOLENTROOM and leaves.

If approached in the VIOLENTROOM, Bennett will again be startled by Charlotte's presence and will chainsaw her in half, earning the player "BAD END: Do Not Disturb".

After school, he is found in Felix's lab, being treated for a mutant spider bite by Felix. When questioned, he explains that a worker accidentally broke the glass of a mutant spider terrarium, but that it should be cleaned up. Speaking to Florence that day gives Charlotte Bennett's Memory Cube, which goes into detail about his backstory.

Bennett mentioned by Aiden as having replaced a jar of ladyfinger cookies with human toes on Day 31, and after school can be found asleep on Felix, having passed out playing a dating sim.

He appears again and for the last time on Day 32, as one of the tenants repeatedly saying "Hello, Charlotte!"


Bennett appears with Felix in the Corpse Room after being called out by Charlotte, who tells him that Scarlett has been "really rude". He suggests that they replace her stomach and bowels with wires and an unspecified device to see if it can produce electricity from the food she eats, then invites Charlotte to join them for a dinner of blobfish later.

He's unseen for the rest of the game, but mentioned by a coworker who says that they enjoyed his recommendation of Game of Chairs, which is a cryptic way of saying they were disappointed in his taste.

Childhood's End

In Q84's timeline, Bennett first appears when Q84 first talks to Felix. He asks them if they are having fun, ruffling Q84's hair and noting that Felix didn't look like he was having fun, although this may be because Felix is constantly bitter. He then asks what they are doing, and when Q84 tells him that she wanted the bottle she asked Felix to prepare for her, he asks what was inside, and when Q84 tells him it's a secret cookie ingredient, he insists to know what it is, then calls Q84 mean when she refuses to do so.

Bennett next appears in the basement the next day, wearing all of his HAZMAT suit. When Q84 says hi, he tells her their is no time to talk, as his favourite TV show is starting in a hour, and he hasn't finished his errands.

Bennett next appears after Q84 drinks poisoned tea. She finds Bennett in the bathroom, where he is suffering from soap withdrawal. Bennett tells Q84 to go away, causing her to call him mean. Bennett tries to tell her to leave, but vomits, causing Q84 to tell him he's disgusting, and that anyone on soap can be happy forever. Bennett gives Q84 one last warning, causing her to say she knows that he hates her, and that he can't kill her. Bennett tells her that he could torture her and tear off her limbs one by one. Q84 taunts him, and he responds by smashing her head against the wall. He tells her that he deliberately ensured that the attack wasn't fatal.

Bennett then ingests some soap, steals one of Q84's corpses from Huxley's morgue, places it into a coffin and tells everyone that Q84 is permanently dead. They throw a deathday party to celebrate. Q84 later arrives at the party, and asks what it's for, so Bennett tries to say it's her deathday party, but Felix and Florence stop him, passing it of as a surprise party. Felix then asked him didn't he say that Q84 was dead for real, to which Bennett replies that he just wanted a party, causing Felix to wonder why he believed him. Florence then wonders who's body is in the coffin, causing Felix to ask Bennett if he stole the corpse from Huxley's morgue, to which Bennett stays silent. Bennett then tells Q84 that why have birthdays once a year when you can have deathdays every day, which makes Q84 realize he's high on soap, and that the party may be an apology. Q84 tells him that is was her fault for provoking him, to which Bennett replies by asking her if she's tried the wormburers, causing Q84 to note that she can't expect a coherent response from him because he's high.

In V19's timeline, Bennett appears to accompy Scarlett Eyler through 9F in her search for V19, as Felix is busy. Bennett greets Scarlett Eyler, and due to haveing taken soap, forgets why he's there and asks Felix, who tells him that they are going to search 9F for V19, and that 9F is an advanced civilization that turned their floor garbage dump, which is why it's called "Landfill". Scarlett suggests having a small breakfast first, which they do. When they reach 9F, the elevator doors won't open, so Scarlett presses the emergency button, causing the floor to open up, causing them to fall.

Bennett lands on a pile of organic waste, softening his fall enough for him to survive. Bennett reports to Felix and tells him that he arrived on 9th floor. Felix tells him that he needs to head underground, and Bennett realizes that he's een separated from Scarlett, then tells a shocked Felix that he'll find her, and Seth attaches his control strings to Bennett, since the connection to Scarlett has been lost.

Bennett finds Scarlett, who has suffered a head injury from the fall, and is unconscious. Felix berates Bennett, telling him all he had to to was look after her and that he shouldn't have entrusted Scarlett to a soap addict. He then tells Bennett to take her to Charlotte's location. Bennett notices a sign that says "EXPERIENCE THE GREATEST OF JOYS! TAKE THE CHALLENGE AND DESCEND TO EDEN!" Both Bennett and Felix find it fishy, but there is no choice but to continue.

Bennett then takes Scarlett through various puzzles in their attempt to find Charlotte, with Felix providing assistance. Just before they do, Felix reveals he knows he's a clone and that he knows he hasn't got much time left to live. Bennett then discovers Eden, a massive smiling filth covered Charlotte Wiltshire. Felix frantically tells Bennett to report to him, as the lifeform detection devices are picing up thousands of heat sources. Felix wonders where they are, and Bennett suggests inside Charlotte, causing Felix to state that it possible, but wonders why, to which Bennett suggest that the world of the ninth floor was dying, causing Charlotte to use her body as a shelter for them, making her their "Eden". Felix remarks that Bennett sounds surprising smart sometimes, although it's probably because the soap is wearing off. Felix notes that Charlotte must have sacrificed herself so that the inhabitants of the ninth floor would survive, which is something that he couldn't imagine V19 doing, and that ninth floor's Charlotte is smiling in her sleep, but not the crooked smile V19 always had. Bennett then takes Scarlett back to the first floor.

Bennett then tells Henry about the fact Felix knows he's a clone, so Henry orders Bennett to kill Felix and get Scarlett off the first floor. Bennett and several of his co-workers kill Felix, put his body in a body bag and wait for Scarlett to wake up. Bennett tells Scarlett that he's following Henry's orders, and drags her to the elevator. On the way he tells her that she will leave the first floor and never return, and that he and his co-workers are not her friends nor her lackeys. He tells her that Felix Honikker was a failed experiment, and nothing else. When Scarlett asks him if he fells any remorse, and that he cold have saved Felix, he asks Scarlett what does she know about him. Bennett then forces her into the elevator and presses the 11F button. Before the doors close, Scarlett notes that there is an unreadable expression on his face.


  • He often has dried blood in his hair, making it appear less blonde than it actually is.[4]
  • The person Bennett has the worst relationship with is Aiden, due to Bennett being very untidy.[4]
  • Aside from the "Soap&Skin Sheet Music" found in the Piano Room, Bennett's music taste also includes chiptunes and the bands Mindless Self Indulgence, Machinae Supremacy, and Studio Killers.[6]
  • If he were to take up a sport, Bennett would choose a triathlon, wrestling, or basketball.[7]
  • The types of soap he likes to eat depend on his mood, but he isn't a fan of olive soap. [8]
  • Bennett is one of three Hello Charlotte characters who would celebrate holidays.[9] His reason for celebrating would be free stuff.[10]
  • In Hello Charlotte, Bennett's bookshelf contains the following titles: "Anarchist Cookbook: Now with More  Recipes!", "KABOOM!", "Advanced Chemistry for Explosives Enthusiasts", and "Science Fiction Almanac: 24th Edition"
  • In a university AU, Bennett would major in Chemistry.[11]
    • Felix, Bennett, Florence, Baldwin and Goodwin would all share a dorm, as they are all tech/bio majors, and would also party the most.[11]
  • When Bennett is high on soap, he doesn't get angry. When he's sober, he can easily snap if provoked.[12]


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