Überia is a planet outside of The House and the original home of Huxley and his lab workers.

Setting Edit

Although it is unknown if the whole planet is this way, Uberia is full of laboratories and testing facilities. These facilities include various departments, including but not limited to:

  • Cosmetic testing
  • Organ donation
  • Prosthetics
  • Breeding
  • Human Resources

Most if not all of these tests have been shown to be incredibly unethical, as Florence has stated that most of the workers in Huxley's laboratories have severe PTSD from their time on Überia. This gets explored more when exploring Bennett's memory cube in Hello Charlotte Episode 2.

Lore Edit

Überia is comprised of two main races, humans and overmen, though collectively they are all referred to as Aliens. Although the two races look the same, they serve very different roles in society. Overmen assume power over men, placing them into ranks varying from A-E. Each rank has a certain role in society.

  • A-Ranks are known for their intelligence, and are used for intelligence and parapsychology testing.
  • B-Ranks are known for their beauty and stamina, and are often used for commercials, movies, and medical testing.
  • C-Ranks are living stock, and tend to work in factory production.
  • D-Ranks are the labor force, and often get sent into dangerous areas such as mine shafts and nuclear stations.
  • E-Ranks are kept as pets by overmen.

In Hello Charlotte Episode 3, it is stated by Florence that if men couldn't be used commercially or as pets for overmen, they were disposed of. As it turns out, there were many groups and organizations whose goal was to protect humans from these unethical tests, but they ended up killing more men than the overmen did, citing euthanasia as a "product of love".

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